Carbonite is the "You don't need to think about it" solution for keeping your work safe and secure.

Carbonite maintains a record of the last 30 days of information on your computer. 

This is a true case history of one of my clients. A computer criminal sent an email to my client, telling them they needed to schedule a delivery time with UPS.  They clicked on the UPS themed looking email, and they were infected by a type of virus known as "Ransom-ware" ..  Their computer was completely locked up, unusable, and the computer hacker demanded  $500 to release their business information; customer names, invoices, payroll information, accounts receivable.  Knowing they were dealing with a crook, they refused.

Because they had Carbonite installed prior to this virus, we called Carbonite..and spoke to a live United States based tech support person within 1 minute.

They were intelligent, helpful, and  VERY PROMPT.

We were able to recover all of their information quickly, and with all the support we needed.

I heartily recommend Carbonite as the best  data security solution available.

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